Thor Rudebeck

Thor RudebeckMember since 2010-2014, 2015
Baritone/Bass/Vocal Percussion
Featured Solos:
Story of My Life, Pompeii, 90s Medley, Just a Kiss, How to Save a Life, High and Dry

Thor grew up all around the Midwest and, growing mostly done, attended Northwestern University, where he majored in film and sang with co-ed group Extreme Measures. He was and is very excited for the opportunity to keep singing pop a cappella.

When he’s not singing (which is rare), he answers the phone for a large and prominent hospital. When he’s not doing that, he’s probably surfing the Internet, writing movies, or doing voiceovers (well, maybe someday). He lives in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood with his in-unit washer/dryer. You can visit his website to learn tons more about him.

Feel free to come up after shows and talk to him. He’s real friendly.