Jim Mourey

Jim headshotMember since September 2013

Music Director
Featured Solos:
Let Me Down Easy, Not Over You, Morning Comes, Man in the Mirrors, Story of My LifePompeii

Born to a Spanish mother and a French father, Jim often pretends he hails from the tiny principality of Andorra, which is nestled in the Pyrenees between Spain and France. However, Jim is actually from the city of Belleville, IL, the town with the longest official Main Street in the world (… 9.2 miles, if you’re wondering). Jim’s family is one of those musical, von Trapp kinds of families, except they do not speak German and there are no Nazis… that he knows of. Jim learned to play piano by ear in the summer of 1994 and, as such, considers himself forever indebted to the Swedish group Ace of Base, whose popular songs at the time led him on a path of singer-songwriter stardom. A veteran of musicals, show choir, undergrad (The Stereotypes) and grad school (The CEOhs) a cappella groups, Jim did not hesitate when his pal Jen encouraged him to audition for the Uptones, a group started by the same folks with whom he started his grad school group. He did not realize how awesome and talented his new friends would be until he met them, but now that he knows them, well, he just can’t seem to get enough of them.

Outside of the group, Jim is a professor, a marketing guru, an improv actor, and an avid traveler, often to Italy, where he is known as pop music megastar Giuseppe Salvatore.