Cami Mampieri

cami-mampieriCami is the newest member of the group and originates from Columbus, Ohio.  Ever since her first solo in kindergarten, music has been an integral part of her life.  Upon starting at the University of Notre Dame, her one goal was to join an a cappella group.  She completed this by being a two-year member of the Unchained Melodies (a co-ed Christian a cappella group) and a three-year member and music director of Harmonia (an all-female a cappella group).  In terms of other musical interests, she can play the guitar, piano, and ukulele.  She joined The Uptones because she wanted to continue pursuing her passion for singing and because she thinks that a cappella is magical.

Cami just moved to Chicago to start her first job at Nielsen.  Besides singing, she loves to play sports, go on adventures, travel, and hang out with friends!