The Uptones Go Glamping

That’s right, friends. The Uptones have gone camping together. We actually left our heated, comfortable, functional, lovely homes in Chicago to travel together in the wild. We’re talking straight out of a Bill Bryson novel. Wood fires, no showers, hiking miles for food supplies, fishing, BEARS.

JUST KIDDING. There were no bears. Except for on the occasional garment. Also we might have stayed in a condo. On the beach. Still counts, right?? Just look at that view.


After a great deal of patio-singing (hey, Jim, whatchu doin there?)…

10702117_10102851435991273_7172240290729135058_n 1235541_10102851436026203_4194186958662022081_n

…and ice-cream eating (don’t worry only AFTER the singing)…

10356314_10102851436230793_6436569623246230678_n 10406378_10102851436165923_6927490944442899285_n

..and un-pictured Whitney-belting, Pitch-Perfect-watching, yoga, and horizontal running…

we feel pretty ready for an awesome new season. We might even actually all like each other. Camping (let’s be honest) Glamping success!



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